rockix084 (rockix084) wrote,

omahgawd i had the worst day EVAH yesterday. sarah and jamie wouldnt talk 2 me at lunch and i have no idea why!!! grrrr. i wish they would just GROW UP. its driving me CRAZY. i brought my lunch today which i almost never do but the caf was serving fish sticks and ew oomahgawd i HATE fishsticks. they're SO GROSS. so daddy made me a lunch to bring to school which i said is like totally for losers, im totally not going to my locker on my way to lunch and what am i supposed to do carry the stupid lunchbox around all day so anyways i left it in my locker and then ashleigh dropped her bookbag on it and crushed my sandwich and jelly leaked all over my can of pop. aeiieieiee what a bummer so then i had to carry my gross jellied lunchbox through the hallways and it was SO EMBARRASING but i still got to the cafe before sarah and jamie cuz i didnt see them at our table they were still in line. and i sat down and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and then i got hungry so i ate my sandwhich and i was sitting there all by myself. i felt like such a doofus everyone was looking at me i felt SO UNCOOL. then i saw sarah and jamie sitting with andy on the other side of the room and sarah was sitting right next to andy and they all laughed and looked over at me then looked away. oomahgawd i felt like SUCH A LOSER so i went to the bathroom and sat in there until the bell rang and then i went back to get my lunchbox but it was gone. when daddy gets home from work tonight he is going to be so mad at me. i wish mom would hurry up and come home but her company wants her to stay in japan until at least the end of the month. im sooo mad at sarah and jamie they know how upset i am that no one cool has lunch with me and all the cool kids have lunch during D period not F period and it just like totally blows that i have to count on them. i bet sarah has a crush on andy shes such a loser she would but hahaha shes never had a boyfriend or even been on a DATE WITH A BOY!!!! like oomahgawd can u believe dat? wut a LOSER!
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